Round 3: Sydney Showdown

The chill in the air signals the start of open fires, desperately planted barley crops, and of course Stouts, Porters and all manner of dark beers. Round 3 showed us some  ballsy inner city powerhouses, the Rocks Brewery and the Sydney Brewery, who bust out the chocolate and coffee malts, and pit their dark beers against each other, to battle it and be crowned King (of Craft Beer).

Sydney Brewery throw some solid punches with some big brown beers, but it was Rocks Brewing who took out the golden growler award for the night with their Butcher Porter, a traditional-style Porter with a twist. The beer sidesteps around tradition with the addition of chocolate malt, to darken and add flavour, as well as flaked oats to create a silky smooth finish, and made for a perfect wintery brew.

rocks-tilesydneybrewery-tileTHE WINNER: Rocks Brewing’s BUTCHER PORTER – 5%