Round 5: Battle of the North

The Battle of the North gave us a sneak peak into what NSW’s newest breweries are up to, far away in that magical land of Newcastle. Grainfed Brewing and Six String Brewing brought some balls-to-the-wall beers for your beer holes.

The Battle of the North was the largest Craft Beer Fight Club yet, and with the talent brought in by Six String and Grainfed Breweries, there’s no wonder why. But the war must continue, so if you want to have a taste of the Northern victor, Grainfed’s Quiet One, you’ll have to come along to our September Battle, which has us looking in the other direction, to the South.

THE WINNER: Grainfed’s Quite One – Dark Pale Ale brewed using 7 different malts and lovely hop aromas and bitterness from English and American hops (5.5%)