Round 2: Battle Royale

Buckle Up Beeries!

March’s Craft Beer Fight Club is getting regal, so raise your pinkies, and grab a ticket to this bitter tale of two cities, where local boys from the Lord Nelson Brewery take on Cavalier Brewing from Melbourne.

Like many other craft brewery start-up’s, Cavalier’s story begins with a couple of lads and a homebrew kit at university about 12 years ago. Since 2011 they’ve been busier than a one-legged man at a butt kickin’ contest by brewing some award winning beers & by being the first to develop a beer to raise awareness and funds for charity.

They’ll be taking on Sydney stalwarts of craft beer the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel. Established in 1841, the Lord Nelson is Australia’s oldest pub brewery, made famous for their award-winning natural ales.

It will be a decadent evening enriched with history and fine debate…… ┬áJust kidding ;) It’ll be as rowdy, beery and banter-ful as always!