Round 1: Craft Beer Fight Club 2014

It’s Beer Time Beeries!

2014 (the year of the beer) has got a whole mess of beery goodness in stock for us. The D&O has been saving up all its fight over the long break, but we’re back now with more taps, bigger Craft Beer Fight Clubs, and fancier Beer Dinners. Seriously, it’s going to be flippin’ sweet!

The first Craft Beer Fight Club for 2014 was on Wednesday 5th of February, featuring two Kings of Australian Craft Beers, Mountain Goat from Victoria and 4 Pines from our very own Manly.

The battle was epic, and both breweries threw some big punches. 4 Pines pulled out all the stops with a limited release Extra Special Bitter at 5.6%. This excited the beer nerds, and won over some votes with it’s crafty take on the traditional English ale that would rival some British Brewery’s!

But it was Mountain Goat who ended up revelling in beery glory with their latest seasonal release: The Summer Ale. Packed full of malted and un malted wheat, it’s  refreshing and dry with subtle hints of passionfruit and makes us feel like we’re on a tropical island soaking up the rays – very nice!

The next Craft Beer Fight Club is on March 12th and will be a regal affair with Lord Nelson Brewery taking on Cavalier Brewery. Join us!

4 Pines Brewing at Dove & Olive