Craft Beer Fight Club 2013 Wrap Up

Two of the heaviest hitting breweries in Australia battled it out last Wednesday 2nd October to take home the coveted Golden Growler.

Hawthorn and Vale brought their A-Game, and the punters brought their drinking pants.

With both Hawthorn and Vale decked out with beer accolades, the last round of 2013′s Craft Beer Fight Club saw some hard knocks.

Vale started out strong with their Dark Ale (4.5%). The hints of coffee, chocolate and cocoa was enough to get some tongues tingling, and it’s┬ácombination of dark malts and hops with lager yeast had beer nerds heads nodding. Their Indian Pale was also very popular with it’s hop forward approach and citrus notes.

More British than the queens corgis, Hawthorn’s Amber Ale is brewed to the traditional Northern English way and also through some Brad Pitt Fight club styled punches. But it was the Pale that won the hearts of the beer nerds and beer birds, it’s floral and citrus aromas wafting around the boxing ring and causing a winner by knock out.