Round 4: Battle of the Daves

In the words of Barney Gumble “It’s all happening again!”

The August Craft Beer Fight Club is fast approaching, and this time its going to be bigger, better and beerier than ever before. But that’s not the only beer worthy news down at the Dove & Olive, we have new crafts on tap, exciting new bottled craft, and awesome monthly Beer Dinners have just kicked off. So there hasn’t really been a better time to pop in for a schnity and check out what’s happening.

July’s CBFC was the biggest we’ve had yet, (infact, it sold out!) so a big beery thank you goes out to Dave Padden from Riverside Brewing Co, and Dave Matthews from Wayward Brewing Co. The Daves fronted up with some truly fantastic beers for the packed out room of beer nerds to throw at their faces.

Riverside Brewing out did themselves with their malty entries. The first of their beers was the “77” IPA, a massive beer with an elephant serving of hops and a clean finish. Their second beer was the “44” American Amber Ale, which proved to be an excellent balance of darker malts and American hops, a real crowd pleaser.

The Wayward beers however, proved to be formidable opponents. The Red IPA named “The Charmer” may have been one of the most exotic beers CBFC has seen yet, with healthy hop bill added to the complex malt bill of a classic red ale, this beer was real reason to get out of bed. In many ways all the beers of the night were winners, but in another way, a much more real way, The Keller Instinct won.

Wayward’s German style Pale/Golden Ale blew the beeries away and took home the title of Beer of the month. So if you foolishly didn’t make it in to the last CBFC, you can treat your tastebuds, as the  D&O are now pouring.

August is going to be a hum dinger (sorry, I’m running out of positive sounding words). The Battle of the North will be chance to see what two of NSW newest breweries are up to, far away in that magical land of Newcastle. Grainfed Brewing and Six String Brewing are bring some balls-to-the-wall (now I’m just recycling things) beers for your beer holes.

If you cant make it to any of our awesome events, chin up kiddo, we have heaps of daily deals, craft beer of the week discounts, and… beards? Yeah, beards. There’s a sweet ass new mural, Chicken Parmigianas the size of big mans head, and bottles of beer that taste like hazelnuts, HAZELNUTS, it’s like drinking a frickin’ Ferrero Rocher!

Wombat out!

wayward-tileRiverside Brewing CO. at Dove and Olive