Smells Like Summer

To celebrate the fast approaching summer and the approaching long weekend, we are serving up monster flavour for one week only with our triple decker beef & cheese burger with bacon, cheese, pineapple, pickles, green tomato chutney, shoestring fries and salad. We’re serving up ‘The Aussie’ the whole week leading up to the long weekend, starting Monday the 29th.

We also have your entire long weekend planned out with $9 Pizzas for your Saturday warm up session, $5 Mountain Goat Summer Ales for the game day on Sunday as well as a $15 Roast Special. We also have 6 High definition screens to catch the highly anticipated NRL Grand Final around the venue.

Rounding out the weekend, all the sore heads can come in for a recovery session on Monday with cheap Bloody Marys and $9 schnitzels.

All week from the 29th we are also serving up summer classics like Pimms Jugs and Summer Ale.