Sunday Night Stand Up

It’s been two years since Sydney lost its home for premium alternative, new comedy, but at long last, a new home has been found in the Dove & Olive. The Riot House is run by comedy fans, for comedy fans. It’s your chance to see the pros and rising stars for only $10 on a lazy Sunday evening.

On the first Sunday of every month, comedy veterans Riot House are in the D&O and re-charged with more styles of comedy than you can fit into a tiny little car, from Stand Up to Improv, Music and Sketch. No topic is too sensitive, no joke is too risqué and no hacks are allowed.

In the spirit of the Young Ones, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Louis CK, Marc Maron, Dylan Moran and many more, The Riot House actively promotes comedy that is slightly left of centre but rooted in universal elements of comedy.

Comedians who’ve stopped by the Riot House stage so far include Chris Wainhouse, Tom Ballard, Cam Knight, Michael Kosta (USA), El Jaguar (CAN), Rebecca DeUnamuno, Judith Lucy, Matt Okine, Rhys Nicholson, Daniel Townes, and Dave Jory.

This is Rock’n'Roll comedy for the hungry audience we know Sydney has. Does comedy alone not fulfil you? never fear! We do a $15 roast with all the trimmings on Sundays, plus our Craft Beer of the week is $6.5 schooners and $16 Jugs. Come down for a taster this Sunday, and back for seconds and thirds every first Sunday of the month.

So put your laughing pants on and get down to D&O for some seriously silly, fantastically funny, quirky, quality comedy.