Round 2: The Newtown Growler Battle

It’s that time again where we start planning that one night a month to raise a craftily brewed beer to our mouth and wag our chins with like minded folk. The next Craft Beer Fight Club at the Dove & Olive is fast approaching, and it seems I’ve recovered from the previous one enough to give you all a run down of what happened. Young Henrys and The Grifter both brought ball tearingly big beers, and boy did they bring a lot of it! Which was lucky because the turn out was bigger than we had suspected, but we still managed to provide everyone with loads of hoppy love.

Young Henry’s rocked up with growlers of their Hop Ale, a big hitting beer in the style of and English IPA, along with their specialty beer Fresh 6, a beer that combines spicy rye malt with the exotic taste of Agave Syrup. Both beers had the crowd cheering, and everyone was in agreement that if you get the chance, get down to the brewery in Newtown and pick up some of their delicious brews.

The Grifter boys put some serious beverages in the Craft Beer Fight Club ring. First up was the Edward pale ale, a big hoppy beer that was easy on the palette and incredibly smile inducing. Second up was a beer that touched everyone deep to the core. Brewed with actual love, and taking the title of the night’s favorite beer was Marnie’s Majority Ale.

Though the results of the voting were the closest we’ve ever had at Craft Beer Fight Club, one thing was agreed on by all punters, GET UP AND GO GET ALL 4 OF THESE BEERS, otherwise you’re doing yourselves a massive disservice. Huge thanks goes to Oscar and Ben from Young Henry’s and Matt, Trent and Glenn from The Grifter for bringing the battle to the Dove and Olive, and of course their scrumptious brews.

What’s next? I hear you yell in the distance. Winter is next people, because I have it on good authority that it is indeed… coming. Four beers, one throne, and a long dark winter that may never lift (but probably will in September, like every other year). The chill in the air signals the start of open fires, desperately planted barley crops, and of course Stouts, Porters and all manner of dark beers. So we’re putting it to the ballsy inner city powerhouses, the Rocks Brewery and the Sydney Brewery to bust out the chocolate and coffee malts, and pit their dark beers against each other, to decide once and for all, who will be King (of beer).


younghenrys-tileBeer-Logo-for-web-grifterTHE WINNER: MARNIE’S MAJORITY ALE – American IPA  – (6.5%)