Independence Day Party

This Friday – the 4th of July – we want YOU to come and celebrate with us.

It’s a day for fried chicken, beer, American flags, slaw and red, white & blue.

We’ve got buckets of Bud for $20, $4 happy hours 5pm-7pm for beer/wine/house spirits, and a shitload of delicious, meaty food on offer.

Our Smoky Pork Ribs are going for $15.50, marinaded for 8 hours in a Jack Daniels BBQ marinade, served with house-made slaw, fries & chimichurri. Mouth watering yet?

Pair that with the biggest selection of craft beer in Sydney, and you’ve got yourself a sweet Friday celebration.


Not an American fan? No problem. The 4th of July also marks independence days in the Philippines and Rwanda. Even more reason to celebrate!

Come and join us at the D&O and rejoice for the land of fried chicken, bourbon and American Pale Ale’s. Or if you prefer, Rwanda’s freedom. It’s also Friday.

It’ll be a beery good time.