Yeastie Boys: Rex Attitude

They said it couldn’t be done,  that it would be undrinkable, that you couldn’t use 5% heavy peated malt in a beer. The lads at Yeatie Boys carefully considered this advice before going with 100% instead. Inspired by Islay whiskeys of the west coast of Scotland this is, as far as we know, the world’s first beer made from 100% heavy peated distilling malt. This is what gives it the smoky aroma and taste of whiskeys such as Laphroaig. For lovers of whiskey and beer.

Beer geek stuff

Style Heavily-peated Strong Golden Ale (yes, we made that up)
Stats ABV 7.0%
Bitterness = 31 IBU
Colour = 8 SRM
Malt Baird’s Heavily Peated Distilling Malt.
Hops US Willamette.
Yeast Fermentis US-05