Craft Beer Fight Club

Hosted by resident bickering home brewing beer nerd brothers, Wombat & Grub, we’re fixing up a boxing ring out of kegs and beer lines for our monthly brew battle. On The First wednesday of every month two breweries go head to head, two beers each in a Monthly Battle for The D&O Golden Growler Award, as voted by you. The winning beer of the night reigns over the coveted Beer of the Month tap.

Craft Beer Fight Club
Round six: TBA

Brewer vs Brewer

Beer vs Beer

You Decide!

Expect four beers (schooners or middies), banter, tastings and general beer nerdyness.

Two Tickets:

Die Hard Beer Nerds: $30
Seated in the Beer Lounge, close to the bar & all the action. Beer Nerds get served first & receive schooners of each beer, allowing the beer nerd to wig out on as much brewy knowledge as they choose.